Dinosaurs and the Bible

Come along on this fascinating journey into the world of those mysterious beasts called dinosaurs! History, fossils, the Ice Age, soft tissue, classification, and so much more! And it is all from a Biblical perspective! You'll get six short lessons, with worksheets and answers.

These lessons are intended for grades 5 and up. You will have lifetime access to the classes (or as long as we publish it!).

Meet your teacher, and learn a bit about the class!

Your Instructor

Patrick Nurre, speaker and author, was in the second grade when he made his first big geology find – a large dinosaur bone in the alley behind his house! This was the beginning of a lifelong love of geology.  Today, Patrick is a popular speaker on geology and worldview, and teaches classes and leads geology field trips, including his Yellowstone Creation Adventure and Columbia River Family Geology Camps. Patrick’s non-profit ministry, Northwest Treasures, creates geology kits and curricula from a young-Earth perspective. He is the author of sixteen geology textbooks and is a Certified Biblical Creation Ministry Professional. In addition, he draws on over 40 years of pastoring experience. Patrick and his wife, Vicki, have three children and four grandchildren, and live in Bothell, Washington.                             

Dinosaur Bone Hunters!

Back in the day, hunting dinosaur bones was more than just having the right digging tools. Those sidearms aren't just for show!

What happened
to the dinosaurs?

Why don't we see these magnificent creatures today?

The Ice Age

Just what did the ice age have to do with dinosaurs?

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