About the Course

The Science and the Art of Geology: Geodes

Here is your chance to combine two great areas of study - geology and art, and from a Biblical perspective! Patrick Nurre of Northwest Treasures is your teacher for the science end of things, and Heather Hall of The Principle Approach is you art instructor! Many homeschooling families experience the joy of learning together. Our courses offer something for all ages to be able to participate in. And just about everyone can learn something from the lessons. After purchasing the lessons, they are available to you for the lifetime of the product. This class is on Geodes.

Meet Your Instructors!

The science sections of this course are taught by Patrick Nurre. Patrick was in the second grade when he made his first big fossil find – a large dinosaur bone in the alley behind his house! This was the beginning of a lifelong love of geology. Today, Patrick is a popular speaker on geology and worldview. He is a teacher and author, having written sixteen geology textbooks. In addition, he leads field trips, including his popular Yellowstone tour for families. Patrick’s ministry, Northwest Treasures, creates geology kits and curricula from a young-Earth perspective. He is a Certified Biblical Creation Ministry Professional.

And the art sections are taught by Heather Hall. Heather is a homeschool mom who has used the Principle Approach® in her homeschool for over 15 years. She’s a Principle Approach® Master Teacher, writer, podcaster, and has run a Principle Approach® homeschool co-op for several years. She has been a painting enthusiast from a young age. Her book, Art is Discipleship: A Practical Guide to Influencing the Culture for Christ, is set to publish later this year (2022). Heather has a degree in Visual Communications, and owns a small graphic design and layout business.

What will your class look like?

First, you will delve into the science of geodes with Patrick. A worksheet is available to complete after the video. The geology lesson is followed by a corresponding lesson with Heather, using the Biblical-Priniciple Approach. This also has a worksheet to help cement the ideas talked about. And each lesson culminates with an art watercolor project that Heather walks you through, step by step, to a gorgeous final project!

What's in the Course?

Learn about types of geodes, the difference between geodes, nodules, and thunder eggs, factors that influence their formation, and more!

~Geology video with Patrick

~Student learning pages for geology lesson

~Principle Approach video lesson with Heather

~Student learning pages for lesson

~Art Project, including practice sessions

~(Optional) Tracing or coloring sheet

~Supplies list for art project

Supplies Needed for Art Projects

You supply the following materials:

Paint Brushes (All Media):

  • No. 16 Round or 10 Round
  • No. 2 Round
  • No. 6 Flat
  • No. 2 Flat
  • Detail brush (optional)


  • Watercolor cake pallet
  • White acrylic

Watercolor Paper (either):

  • Canson or
  • Grumbacher

Other Supplies:

  • Container with water to rinse off brushes
  • Masking tape for taping down the paper
  • New toothbrush for painting only (optional for splattering effect)
  • Paper towels
  • Printer to print the notebook pages
  • Scissors or page trimmer to trim watercolor paper down to 8.5" x 11"
  • 3-ring binder to file the notebook pages and art

Student Grade supplies are used in the tutorials. This is what Heather Hall uses in the videos:

  • Royal Langnickel All Media Long Handle brushes (Walmart)
  • Grumbacher watercolor paper (Walmart)
  • Canson watercolor paper (Michaels w/ coupon and teacher discount) when it is available.
  • Artist Loft watercolor cake pallet (Michaels)
  • Craft Smart white acrylic paint (any off brand will do)
  • Scotch masking tape (store versions don't stick well)